Our Objective

  1. Establish a uniformed Neighbourhood Safety Corps (referred to as the Safety Corps) within the State with the power to carry arms subject to police permit.
  2. Assist the Police and any other security agency in the State to maintain Law and order by:
  1. Gathering information about crime, crime in progress, every suspicious activity and crime suspect;
  2. Making available any relevant information on crime, crime in progress, every suspicious activity and crime suspect to the Police or any other security agency that requires it;
  3. Putting structures in place to ensure hoodlums and cult groups do not have the opportunity to operate in any community in the State;
  4. Undertaking routine motorised patrol day and night;
  5. Reducing the crime rate and ensuring that every offender is identified and made to account for his/her misdeeds;
  6. Following up on arrest of every offender to the court and ensuring justice;
  7. Timely reporting any suspicious activity or crime in progress to the Police or any other security agencies;
  8. Improving relationship between the Police and the communities as it concerns Law enforcement;
  9. Contributing to maintaining community peace;
  10. Providing the Police with relevant information that will enhance their understanding of how to effectively police the communities; and
  11. Assisting the Police to perform any other lawful activities in maintaining Law and order.

Our Vision

To be active in creating a crime-free State for the safety and security of lives and property.

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